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Tick Values/Labels GLT

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Tick Values/Labels GLT

I see lots of options for fitting TICK value labels THIN STAGGER ROTATE etc.

I would like to make the tick labels on the X axis occupy two rows.


            10         30

            20         40

Is there a way to do this perhaps with TICKDISPLAYLIST.

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Tick Values/Labels GLT

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There is no way to do this with SAS 9.2 GTL or SG Procedures.  SAS 9.3 SG procedures support annotation, and you can achieve this result by drawing the ticks yourself.  See example in this paper by Dan Heath.  SAS 9.3 GTL supports DRAWTEXT statements, which you could use to draw the ticks yourself too.  You can also use these to draw the unicode or rich text.

Tick value splitting into multiple lines has been added and will be released with SAS 9.4.  You can only split text on a discrete axis, not numeric values on interval axiw.  Not much help to you now, but it is coming.  :-)

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