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TEMPLATE: stacked 2D plots with AXISTABLE

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TEMPLATE: stacked 2D plots with AXISTABLE

Examples of Forest plots, such as


demonstrate that an AXISTABLE can be in the INNERMARGIN of a LAYOUT such as OVERLAY.  In the case of Forest plots, the plot itself has no Y value.  Thus for plots like scatter or needle plots, it does not seem possible to stack them, except by issuing a LAYOUT OVERLAY statement for each, in which case the "Y" has but one possible value.


Is this correct or am I overlooking something?


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Re: TEMPLATE: stacked 2D plots with AXISTABLE

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This is correct.  INNERMARGIN can stack plots placed in it, but only accepts statements where the needed height (or width) can be computed by the software, such as graphs with text items only in 1-D.  These include BLOCKPLOT and AXISTABLE.  Technically, 1-D horizontal Box plots would qualify, but these are not yet supported.


You can use a LAYOUT LATTICE with multiple rows with LAYOUT OVERLAYS, and place such 2-D graphs in individual rows.  You will have to set the row-weights yourself.

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