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Survival Curves with PROC TEMPLATE and PROC LIFETEST

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Survival Curves with PROC TEMPLATE and PROC LIFETEST

I'm creating new Kaplan-Meier Survival Curves that utilize ODS Graphics and PROC LIFTEST in v9.2. I'm trying to alter the graphs to resemble our old graphic in PROC GPLOT/%annotate/.cgm and am having some trouble replicating some cosmetic changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1. Am I limited to the 24 symbols available in "Marker Options" to flag censored observations on the plot? Historically we've used the letter "C" to indicate censored observations. Is that still possible?

2. I've put the Subjects at Risk section outside of the plot area using LAYOUT LATTICE. Is there any way to show the formatted labels for my two strata rather than "1" and "2"? I tried running it with the strata variable formatted but not only did it not format the values it changed the order of the rows! We don't want to have to add a legend and would like to be able to show the complete text labels for each strata to the left of ATRISK block.

3. Similarly, the data values in the ATRISK section stop when the strata reaches a zero count. We would like to extend the zeroes in a row all the way to the end of the axis until datapoints in BOTH strata reach zero. Is this possible?

Thanks, Stacey
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