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Styling a graphs

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Styling a graphs

Just a couple of questions regarding a graph I am trying to produce for regular reporting purposes...

The code works perfectly and I just now want to put the finishing touches on the slides to make them look more appealing.

Here is part of my code. The code exports graphs to pngs and then I import them into powerpoint (4 graphs per slide). The look ok but I want them to look better if possible.

  • Firstly what's the best way to maximize the clarity of the pictures? I don't mind of the output files are larger. Graphs in excel look clearer and I wanted to get as close as possible to them.
  • Secondly, can you change the color of the bar or line chart - I want to make it more striking.
  • How do you change the names of the axis so they don't include (sum)

Many thanks

  ods listing gpath="path...";

  ods pdf file="path.\graph.pdf" columns=2 style=meadow startpage=no;

  ods graphics on/width=4.5in height=3.75in;

  proc sgplot data=Egidwh_oneway4 ( where = (factor = "Age"));

     title "Age - LR";

     vbar level / response=exposure;

     vline level / response=LR y2axis;


  ods graphics off;

  ods pdf close;

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Re: Styling a graphs

What version of SAS are you using?

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