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Stacked Bar Charts in Proc sgrender

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Stacked Bar Charts in Proc sgrender

My goal:

Produce a stacked bar chart by frequency of a variable that lists the decrease or increase of each group from the previous bar.

I have done this with a regular bar chart by overlaying a bubbleplot in Proc Template with transparent bubbles that labels the data point with my increase/decrease variable value; this is displayed in the "Bar Chart" image attached. Now, I need to do the same thing, only for a stacked bar chart, which is proving difficult. I have attached a second image, "Stacked Bar Chart," where I have manually added the values to illustrate what I am trying to accomplish.

Does anybody have an idea of how I would approach this?

Stacked Bar Chart.pngBar Chart.png
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Re: Stacked Bar Charts in Proc sgrender

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This can be tricky as the (stacked) group bar chart is summarizing the data, and you don't know where to place the labels.  One way would be to summarize the data yourself and precompute the low and high (and middle) of each bar segment in your data step.  Put the delta values in another column.  Then, use the HIGHLOW plot to draw the bars and use an overlaid scatter with MarkerChar to draw the delta values in the middle location.

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Re: Stacked Bar Charts in Proc sgrender

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Thank you, Sanjay; I will try this now.

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