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Spaghetti Plots in Proc SGPlot

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Spaghetti Plots in Proc SGPlot

I am learning how to do spaghetti plots using Proc SGPlot.

I am having trouble creating a profile plot for each individual subject ID and then to use different colors for males and females.

This is what I have so far:

sgplot data=DentalL;
series y=Response x=Time / Break group=ID;

xaxis values=(6 to 16 by 2) label='Age in years';

yaxis values=(0 to 35 by 5) label='Dental Growth in mm';

title 'Individual Profiles';

Can anyone help me use different line colors for different genders?

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Re: Spaghetti Plots in Proc SGPlot

I think this tread covers it pretty well.  I have use dummy obs and the break option and then specify GROUP=gender etc.  There are newer options too if you have a more current version of SAS, see entire thread.

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Re: Spaghetti Plots in Proc SGPlot

With SAS 9.40M2, this is easy using the new ColorLC and ColorLP options:

If you have earlier versions of SAS, the easiest way would be to use the corresponding options available in GTL called LINECOLORGROUP and LINEPATTERNGROUP.  They may not be documented, but have been in the code since SAS 9.2. and have been documented since SAS 9.4.   Just output the GTL code from the SGPLOT using the TMPLOUT option, and then add these options to the SERIESPLOT statement.

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