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Shading in Tables Moving From 9.2 to 9.4

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Shading in Tables Moving From 9.2 to 9.4

My work group is in the process of moving from a SAS 9.2 Unix System to a SAS 9.4 Unix System (AIX). When tables are run in the new system using the styles modified form the old for the additional 9.4 style elements, some rows in the tables (RTF) and occasionally the space immeidately below the table but above the footes is shaded. Why would this happen?

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Re: Shading in Tables Moving From 9.2 to 9.4

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If your custom style built in SAS 9.2 used an inherit from a SAS style it is very likely that the underlying style changed a little or a lot. Much stuff was moved around in the Styles for SAS 9.3 related to colors and how they were set. So you may be seeing some inherited from the new base style that you did not overwrite or customize from the 9.2 version. Or considering how many of the SAS styles inherit from others the actual cause could be buried back a few levels.


I am assuming you re-ran the code to build the styles as the previous catalogs containing the styles weren't going to transfer in a useable manner without a fight.


You may want to try compaing the base 9.2 style definitions (hoping you still have access to a 9.2 install) to the 9.4. The LIST option with proc template will get you the text of the style.

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Re: Shading in Tables Moving From 9.2 to 9.4

Looking at one table it appears to occur where there is a compute after with a

line ' '; statement - others may have to do with Call define syntax for bold face type

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Re: Shading in Tables Moving From 9.2 to 9.4

This question is not really a graph question. It seems more to belong in the ODS and Reporting forum (unless something in the coloring of this report are using graphs).

Without seeing code, it is impossible to speculate. With the style overrides in PROC REPORT, there is a style(lines)={background=white} that you could specify in the PROC REPORT statement and a style override for a compute block:
compute after grpvar / style={background=white};
line ' ';

But without actually seeing your code (or your template if you are using a custom style template), it's just a guess.

Tech Support can look at your code and your data if you can't post those in the Forums. If you are going to post code and data, I suggest you open a track in the more appropriate forum and then reference this posting.

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