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SGRENDER log NOTE: in different language

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SGRENDER log NOTE: in different language

Cross post from stored process group.  I guess question really belongs here, because it's partly a question of: what setting / system option /metadata might results in PROC SGRENDER issuing a NOTE: in German, rather than English?

All my notes/warnings/errors are in English except this one, which I get in German when the job is run by a web user in Germany.  If web user is in US, this note comes in English.

I have a stored process being called through SPWA that I have started testing with international users.  v9.3.
First test revealed that when a user from Germany runs it, some of the log messages are in German:
proc sgrender data=me template="mytemplate";

NOTE: Die Antialias-Option für Marker und Linien wurde deaktiviert, da der Schwellenwert 
      erreicht wurde. Verwenden Sie die Option LABELMAX=900 in der ODS 
      GRAPHICS-Anweisung, um die Option zu reaktivieren.
NOTE: There were 860 observations read from the data set WORK.ME.
NOTE: PROCEDURE SGRENDER used (Total process time):
      real time           0.57 seconds
      cpu time            0.26 seconds
So assume that means that some part of the header from the user's submission told the SAS server that the user's language preference was German (I don't think we would have this defined in the BI metadata, but I suppose that is a possibility as well.)

  And then, at least for SGRENDER, it decided to honor that and wrote the note about antialiasing in German.  All other notes in my example are in English.

Obviously I can avoid the note. 

But is there a way for me to tell SAS to print all log messages in English?

Also as this is my first foray into thinking through having international users, would be interested for suggestions of any other lessons learned (or good papers).      I know there is a lot that can be done to "internationalize" code so that it will be happy running on different servers around the world, with various regional settings.  But in this case, the code itself is always running on one server.  So I wasn't anticipating hitting issues (at least not *this* issue : ) when only the user in another country.

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