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SGPLOT: How much annotate is too much?

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SGPLOT: How much annotate is too much?

SAS 9.3 (TS1M2)  UNIX

I have a 10x25 matrix of counts with row labels being annotated as a table.  If I remove all the zeros the program works but with all the zeros I get a NOTE: that and error occurred but nothing else helpful.

NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.

If I add a where option to remove the zeros reducing the number of obs in SGANNO data it works and looks like this.  I suppose there is a limit to the number of annotations but +250 seems low.

4-14-2015 10-42-23 AM.png

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Re: SGPLOT: How much annotate is too much?

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I am not aware of any such limit.  The error may be due to some other reason or bug.  If you can share the program and data, I can test it out.

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