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SGPANEL and ODS PDF: Escapechar not honored

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SGPANEL and ODS PDF: Escapechar not honored

Using SAS 9.4 (TS1M1) on X64_S08R2, I attempted to use style elements to control the appearance of output from the SGPANEL procedure via the ODS PDF (and RTF) destination.  Items like:


Page ^{thispage} of ^{lastpage}


resulted in missing values for the "page" values.  I had to change the font family of titles and footnotes using the FONT = option to the TITLE statement:


   height = 10pt
   font   = "Times New Roman"
   j      = c
   "Site = #byval(Site)"


I do not have this issue with ODS PDF/RTF and the REPORT procedure.  Does any one have a suggestion or reference?


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Re: SGPANEL and ODS PDF: Escapechar not honored

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You may have to show more of the code you are actually using. Most style related elements are very dependent upon location in code.

I really would not expect "page" to be honored by the graphics procedures themselves as I'm not sure that they have a concept of "page".

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