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SAS to powerpoint

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SAS to powerpoint

Hi All,
There are some graphs and tables created in SAS and they need to be exported to powerpoint. to do this.I havent dealt with this before.
2.also there are some introductry power point slides and i would like to export them along with the graphs and tables created.

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: SAS to powerpoint

It seems you're talking about 2 different things:
-- getting SAS reports and graphs INTO PowerPoint (your #1) and then
you say in #2 -- that you have some introductory PPT slides and you want to "export" them??? This is the confusing part. Export to what??? How do you mean you want to Export slides??? as a PPS file??? Once you have your SAS output in a PowerPoint presentation, all the slides are under Microsoft PowerPoint control -- is there even an export choice in the PowerPoint menus???

So I'm not sure what you mean by your #2. But for #1, the answer depends on whether you have or are using the SAS Platform for Business Analytics (also known as the BI platform). If you do have the BI Platform, then the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office provides a way to get your SAS report tables and your SAS graphs into PPT. You can even get stored process output into PPT.

If you do NOT have the BI platform, then there is no direct way to get your tables and graphs directly from SAS into PPT. Some of the methods you would use are described in these previous forum postings and Tech Support notes: (see last section on PPT)䡷Å秺

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Re: SAS to powerpoint

to generate microsoft ready graphs, take a look at

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