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SAS MapsGFK - batch download

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SAS MapsGFK - batch download

I have a SAS 9.4 license and installed, but the Maps data did not get installed. 


It does get assigned in the config file but the folder doesn't exist so I see a library for it, but it doesn't contain anything. 

I cannot modify my config file. I can't even create the folder for Maps so I can put the sas datasets in it. 


Is there another way of downloading the map data than downloading each country? It's going to be a slow process otherwise....


I'm working with IT to do a reinstall or deal with it for the upgrade to SAS 9.4M4. But I need a workaround for next week and that's not going to happen that fast. 


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Re: SAS MapsGFK - batch download

What Operating System are you running on?

What version of SAS did you install?

Do you have SAS/Graph?

Are you talking about MAPS (MAPSSAS) or MAPSGFK?


There are 3 libnames.  MAPS, MAPSSAS and MAPSGFK.

By default, MAPS points to MAPSSAS.  It is the old maps that hasn't changed in a while.

MAPSGFK is the newer maps that we get updates for.

To install MAPSSAS and/or MAPSGFK, you must have SAS/Graph.

There is also an option in installing SAS where you can EXCLUDE either or both of these maps.  The default is to install them.


You can download MAPSSAS from the MAPSONLINE website.

You can download MAPSGKF from there ONLY if you have SAS/Graph.  There are Legal reasons (with GfK) and it checks you site number to make sure you have SAS/Graph. 


MAPSONLINE link:    under "Downloads".




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Re: SAS MapsGFK - batch download

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Windows 7, SAS 9.4M3, I do have a license for SAS/Graph and am referring to MapaGFK. 


I am aware of the individual downloads and need to enter my Site # otherwise I could write a script to download all files. But downloading each one is going to be slow. 


As I mentioned, I am working with my IT area to get the data from the install but that would likely also be out of date now and need updating. 

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Re: SAS MapsGFK - batch download

Well, someone must have intentionally NOT installed the maps then.  The mainframe if a little different, but it doesn't impact you.

The MAPSGFK are larger than the MAPSSAS maps, so it would take a while to install them ALL over the web.  We talked about putting them into one bundle, but I do not think we did that yet.


I will look into where the bundling them stands.

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