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SAS Graphs

Hi All,


I am creating series and scatter plot using proc sgrender & template in 9.3 TS level 1M2. 

I have tick values of treatment which is quite big in text and also have sub scripts. So can any one help me to split tick values along with sub scripts using sas procedure and ods escapechar. 


Thank You

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Re: SAS Graphs

Without providing any test data (form of a datastep), output required, code that you have written etc. I think your chances are slim. All I can suggest is that this blog gives many examples of all types of graphs:

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Re: SAS Graphs

I don't think you can easily do this, in 9.3 at least. It is possible in 9.4. 


In 9.3 it looks like the solution is an annotate data set.

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