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SAS GTL axistable limited to 25 characters

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SAS GTL axistable limited to 25 characters

I am trying to use axistable to label my rows in a forest plot as part of a lattice graph. Although I have a 38 character variable (outcome1) only the first 25 characters are showing on my plot. I have tried making the column wider but the text is still getting cut off. (I am using SAS 9.4 although I apparently do not have the latest maintenace release because some features that have been posted for maintenance 3 don't work).


    layout lattice / rows=3 columns=7 rowweights=(.42 .29 .29) columnweights=(0.3 0.3 0.07 0.07 0.12 0.07 0.07) rowgutter=0 columngutter=0;
    /* first column with row labels*/
    layout overlay / walldisplay=none xaxisopts=(display=none) yaxisopts=(reverse=true display=none OFFSETMAX=.15 LINEAROPTS=(VIEWMIN=.9 VIEWMAX=11.1));
      axistable y=y1 value=outcome1;

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Re: SAS GTL axistable limited to 25 characters

I suggest providing a small data step we can use to duplicate your issue (the long variable) , the full template code and an example of the Sgrender to execute.


Proc template has so many options that the full picture really is needed.

Also your ODS graphics options and possibly the ODS destination and it's options may play a part as well.

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Re: SAS GTL axistable limited to 25 characters

So I made an "anonymous" version of my program - and it worked fine!  So I guess I now have a working program that I can revise back in steps until it "breaks".


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Re: SAS GTL axistable limited to 25 characters

Just look at the SYSVLONG macro variable to find the maintenance release. Submit


and then look at the SAS log.


For example, a value of 

9.04.01M2P110916 means SAS 9.4m2 (second maintenance)

9.04.01M3P110916 means SAS 9.4m3 (third maintenance)



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