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SAS GIS doubt maps

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SAS GIS doubt maps

Hi, i have a question about SAS GIS. Anyone know if can do specific searches on maps of SAS GIS similar to Google Maps, including a particular address?. And how install SAS GIS to Windows Server 2008?




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Re: SAS GIS doubt maps

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SAS/GIS does have two geocoding capabilities. One is the ability to locate an address interactively in the GIS Map Window.


An example using one of the GIS maps shipped with SAS follows:

  1. Invoke SAS/GIS with the pmenu: Solutions -> Analysis -> Geographic Information System
  2. Invoke the map selector window: File -> Open Map
  3. Select the map of Wake County, NC Census Tracts: MAPS.WAKE.TRACT
  4. When the GIS Map Window opens, toggle off the STREET layer to reduce clutter by unchecking the STREET button. The attachment 'Map of Wake County.png' shows the map at this point.
  5. Open the Find Address Window with the pmenu Tools -> Address -> Find...
  6. Enter the specifics of the address. For example: Address=100 SAS Campus Drive, City=Cary, State=NC
  7. Click the Find button and a cyan colored triangle is displayed on the map at that address. The attachment 'Marker on Map.png' shows this.

SAS/GIS also has a batch geocoding capability. Details on that can be found in the SAS/GIS 9.4: Spatial Data and Procedure Guide.


Note that you will have to create the SAS/GIS map of the area you wish to geocode within. The above manual also discusses how to import spatial data into SAS/GIS data sets. For geocoding you will likely wish to use free TIGER/Line data from the Census bureau. SAS Technical Support can assist with the details of that process if necessary.


But, before embarking on that process, please be aware that the SAS/GIS batch geocoder has been supplanted by the Geocode Procedure which is part of SAS/GRAPH. If you have SAS/GIS, then you will also have SAS/GRAPH at your site. The Global Forum presentation PROC GEOCODE: Finding Locations Outside the U.S. provides an overview of its capabilities. The Geocode Procedure is the recommended geocoder for SAS users as it is actively being supported. SAS/GIS has been a legacy product for several releases and is no longer being updated.


You also asked about installing SAS/GIs on a Windows Server 2008 machine. Just go through the normal SAS install process and select the SAS/GIS product to include it. If it is not one of the available products, it may not be licensed at your site. Tech Support or your SAS site rep should be able to determine its status.

Map of Wake County.pngMarker on Map.png
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