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SAS 9.2 pdf hsize issue

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SAS 9.2 pdf hsize issue

Ever since upgrading to SAS 9.2, I've been getting the following error when trying to output to a multi page PDF:

WARNING: The specified value of 10.5000 inches for HSIZE= is larger than 8.0000 inches which is the maximum for the device PDFC. HSIZE is ignored.
NOTE: The above message was for the following BY group:

There are 50+ specialties and the first page (first by group) prints out fine with a full page of width 10.5. However, from the second specialty on, the page is pushed down to a width of 8 and just looks compressed. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd like to avoid running this one update in 9.1.

10.5 shouldn't be an issue for any page as it is set to landscape.

goptions reset=all device=PDFC gsfname=output gsfmode=replace rotate=landscape;

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Re: SAS 9.2 pdf hsize issue

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Changing to device=zpdfc (device to replicate 9.1.3 pdf output) fixed my problem.
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