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Report with a variable number of graphics

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Report with a variable number of graphics

Hi all,

I'm trying to make a dinamic report with a variable number of graphics (1-6) (SAS Base 9.2)

Each graph with a variable number of axes y (1 or 2) and variable number of series to represent (each one with a different color and symbol).

My ideawas to use "proctemplate"and make amacro that isrepeatedas many times asgraphicstorepresent using "layoutoverlay", because itself  automatically adjusts the dimensions of the graphs according to the number of these have to represent

But Ithink this isnot posible to make a loop with an "if" sentence into de proc template, additionally do not know if you can assign a different color and symbol for each data series....

I've also thought about making a macro and repeat n times one "proc sgplot" with conditions inside but looks like I is not doing well.

I'm actually a little lost .... if you could give me a little light would appreciate it.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Report with a variable number of graphics

Please attach your current program and data.

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Re: Report with a variable number of graphics

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Sorry by my delay.

I´ve been out for personal ítems.

I´ve not the program, they have been brief tests, and I 'm a little stuck in the momento.

If you can help me to choose the best way of doing it .
The idea is to use variables and use the smallest possible code with Base SAS 9.2

In this example there are 4 graphics in the report but it can be from 1 until 6 graphs.

Each of them or one or two axis.

The series of each them must have a color line and symbol diferent


Thanks for all. I´m in a hurry.

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