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Remove Pie GCHART Group by Label

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Remove Pie GCHART Group by Label

I'm running a report which puts out several pie charts grouped by a numerical "order" field. The problem is this outputs an ugly "order=1", "order=2", etc on the top of every chart which is causing confusion amongst my users. I'd like to be able to remove this or change the text there to something that will be more user friendly.

Thanks for any guidance that you can provide.

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Re: Remove Pie GCHART Group by Label


You could use proc format to create labels for the order values. To eliminate the "Order=", try label order='00'x;
Lastly, pie charts are a rather ineffective and inefficient way to present data and especially so when trying to make comparisons across "Orders". Consider the use of vbar or hbar charts by "order". Label the response axis or the title with a statement that indicates that each bar represents a proportion of the whole. The resultant display will be much more effective. For a "treatise" on circular charts and alternatives, see
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