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Proc Template with MACRO

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Proc Template with MACRO

Hi All,


Is that possible to use proc template in macro?

I use a proc templat in SAS to combine 6 figures in to one page, that's good. But I have lots of variables, which means I have to run this proc template many times, but I don't want to change every variable name after I run out proc template once.  Someone can give me an  example to run proc template but use macro? I google, but didn't find a good example.




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Re: Proc Template with MACRO

I would think that the point of using PROC TEMPLATE would be to eliminate the need for MACRO coding.

What type of template are you creating?

What is it that is varying?

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Re: Proc Template with MACRO

The SAS Macro facility only generates code. So I do not understand your question about using proc template "in macro". Do you mean you want to generate multiple different templates by using a SAS macro program to generate the differing templates. Or, if you are using the Graph Template Language, do you mean you want to use the dynamic MVAR statement to define variables (macro variables) to make the template more flexible?

Please review pages 20/21 of this paper and note how the MVAR statement defines the macro variable &WANTY which alters the variable used for the bar chart's Y axis.

The answer to your question really depends on what it is EXACTLY that you need to do and what you mean by having PROC TEMPLATE "in macro".

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Re: Proc Template with MACRO



It's not clear on whether you need to use the NMVAR, MVAR or DYNAMIC statements within GTL, or if you need to use GTL with a SAS MACRO. Can you please show your code, and/or let us know how you are outputting each of these variables?


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Re: Proc Template with MACRO

It sounds like you're using PROC TEMPLATE incorrectly, but you haven't provided us enough information to tell you where or how to fix it. Really all you've stated is that somethings not working...


PROC TEMPLATE supports dynamic variables and should be a 'template' that can be reused so I suspect you're using it incorrectly or not using all the features available. 

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