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Proc SGSCATTER options with ungrouped data

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Proc SGSCATTER options with ungrouped data

I am attempting to create a single graph showing the average EMS transports by hospital using Proc SGSCATTER Compare.  Unfortunately, my data on hospitals is ungrouped (each hospital represents its own column) and as such, I cannot seem to find a way to assign a different color to each hospital series.  This is my current syntax but I am aware that this will not work unless my compare statement uses the GROUP option.  Is there any way around this to get the layout I want?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

proc template;                                                                                                                         

define style styles.custom;                                                                                                         


style GraphData1 from GraphData1 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=purple ;                                                                            

style GraphData2 from GraphData2 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=orange ;                                                                            

style GraphData3 from GraphData3 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=blue ;

style GraphData4 from GraphData4 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=red ;                                                                            

style GraphData5 from GraphData5 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=green ;                                                                            

style GraphData6 from GraphData6 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=black ;

style GraphData7 from GraphData7 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=rose ;                                                                            

style GraphData8 from GraphData8 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=gray ;                                                                            

style GraphData9 from GraphData9 /                                                                                                 

contrastcolor=yellow ;


ods html file='' style=Custom;

proc sgscatter data=HS.transports;

title "Arrivals Jan. 2011-Dec. 2013";

compare y= (Hosp1 Hosp2 Hosp3 Hosp4 Hosp5 Hosp6 Hosp7 Hosp8 Hosp9 x=servicedate /


ods html close;

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Re: Proc SGSCATTER options with ungrouped data

For now, you best option is to transpose your data such that you have a column of hospital names and use PROC SGPANEL to create the graph. Here is the SGPANEL code that should give you the result you want:

/* Each cell will have the hospital name */

proc sgpanel data=HS_transports;

panelby hospitals / onepanel;

series x=servicedate y=arrivals / markers lineattrs=(pattern=solid);


- or -

/* Add some color as well */

proc sgpanel data=HS_transports noautolegend;

panelby hospitals / onepanel;

series x=servicedate y=arrivals / markers group=hospitals lineattrs=(pattern=solid);


Hope this helps!


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Re: Proc SGSCATTER options with ungrouped data

DanH, I can't thank you enough.  This worked beautifully!  Liz

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