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Proc Reports for Blackberry Viewing

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Proc Reports for Blackberry Viewing

I want to send a simple table in e-mail for viewing on a blackberry device. I am currently using a filname statement to send ODS HTML procedure (proc report) in the body of the e-mail. This works fine for e-mail, but not when viewing on a blackberry. I think the only solution will be to send the output as some type of picture format (i.e., gif, jpeg, etc), however not sure how to output proc report to this format. Any suggestions?
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Re: Proc Reports for Blackberry Viewing

From the SAS support website:

Scott Barry
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Recommended Google advanced search argument, this topic/post:

generate report blackberry
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Re: Proc Reports for Blackberry Viewing

To add onto what Scott already recommended.

ODS will create other forms of markup language file. For example, there is a WML destination (wireless markup language), which may work instead of ODS HTML (if the Blackberry can read WML files). There is also CHTML ("compact" HTML) which does not have a lot of formatting or style applied -- therefore it is a fairly small and easy to download and open file -- this may be an alternative to either HTML or WML.

There is also a PDF destination, many mobile devices can open and read PDF files and I know quite a few of my students switched from HTML to PDF for their mobile reports this reason.

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