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Problem with GROUP option in SGPLOT

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Problem with GROUP option in SGPLOT

   I’m having a bit of a problem getting SGPLOT to display different bar colors for me in a waterfall plot.  Graphing is not a particular strength of mine but I'm not sure what to make of this message in the log:

“Once a GROUP variable is used in a categorical chart, that GROUP variable must be used in all overlaid charts.  The specified GROUP variable has been removed from the graph display.”

The code I’m using isn’t anything crazy and a search of the internet hasn’t provided me any solutions as other publications I've seen use the GROUP option to dynamically change the color of the bars

This is what I’m using:

proc sgplot data=x;

  vbar dummyid/ response=pchg group=nhlpop barwidth=.5;

  vline dummyid/ response=CR_PLOT markers markerattrs=(symbol=star size=4 color=green)


  xaxis display=none;

  yaxis values=(-100 to 100 by 50) label='Tumor Size (% Change from Baseline)';

  title 'Waterfall Plot: Tumor Size Change Across NHL Types';


NHLPOP is just a numeric field with either a 1 or 2 value.  I just want to use the default ODS colors to change the bar colors based on what NHLPOP group they belong to.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Problem with GROUP option in SGPLOT

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Almost forgot I'm using SAS 9.2.

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