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Printing SAS Portlets in IE and Firefox

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Printing SAS Portlets in IE and Firefox

I’m not sure which Forum to post this to, this seemed like the closest one.

I added a print button to a URL Display Portlet in SAS Information Delivery Portal 4.2 M2 using SAS 9.2.

<a href='javascript:window.print()'><img src='' alt='Print' title='Print' height='15' width='15' style='border:none;' /></a>;

The idea is to print only the portlet.

This works great in Chrome however there are issues with IE and Firefox.  I noticed that if I select print from the browser that the same exact thing happens. Oddly selecting print from the browser prints only my portlet, which is what I want.  Chrome prints my entire 9 inch portlet.  IE and Firefox print only about 6 inches of the portlet.  When viewing the print preview in IE and Firefox I noticed that the two browsers interpret that the display ends at 6 inches, you can’t select to print the contents after 6 inches, even on multiple pages.

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