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Please how can I compare this using (sgscatter compare) or ...?

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Please how can I compare this using (sgscatter compare) or ...?

Hello there!

So sorry, I am re-posting this again because I was unable to send a reply on the other thread.

My problem looks like this:

I have two different datasets (2 different experiments) that are structured as follows:

Dataset 1: mass, height, index, class

               3         5         2.5      A

               5         2         1.5      B

               9         6          2.1     C

               4         5          1.0     A


Dataset 2: mass, height, index, class

                  2        5         7         A

                  6        2         1         B

                  8        4         4         C

                  1        2         1         A


Therefore, in both datasets, there are 3 classes: A, B and C depending on the mass. I would like to compare the effects of index on mass and height (y=index x=(mass height)) in both datasets but with the 4 graphs appearing on the same page for easy visual comparison. How can I acheive this, please? Is it possible to have 2 pairs of graphs having different x-values in one page using sgscatter compare?

Please kindly help me!!! Thank you Dan and Cythia for your replies on the other thread. My output type is html!

Kind regards,


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Re: Please how can I compare this using (sgscatter compare) or ...?

It is very difficult to read your post with all the spacing.  However you want to produce a graph with some data yes, have a look at this blog which has details for every graph I could think of and is a very good resource:

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