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Pagination with SGPanel

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Pagination with SGPanel



Using SGPANEL in SAS 9.4, I have produced RTF output of boxplots which goes over multiple pages, and I would like to put the page numbers on the output. I have tried using the {pageof} function to add the page numbers onto the output, however this does not seem to work with SGPANEL. It works fine with Proc Report though. I think this may be because with SGPANEL, the titles go into the body of the document.


Below is the code I used, which is similar to my real life example.


proc sort data = sashelp.pricedata out = pricedata;
  by date;

ods graphics / reset = all border = off width = 256mm height = 168mm;
goptions reset = all;

ods escapechar = "~";
%let ls = 100;
%let title1 = Boxplot of Sale by Quarter;
%let titt1 = %nrbquote(&title1 %sysfunc(repeat(%str( ),%eval(&ls - %length(&title1) -10))) ~{pageof});

title1 justify = left "&titt1";

ods rtf file = "C:\boxplot.rtf" style = styles.rtfplot image_dpi = 300 startpage=yes;

data pricedata2;
  set pricedata;
  quarter = qtr(date);
  year = year(date);
  quarter_year = cats("Q", quarter, "-", year);

proc sgpanel data = pricedata2;
  panelby year / columns = 4 uniscale = row noheader;
  block x = quarter_year block = year / filltype=alternate novalues;
  vbox sale / category = quarter_year group = region grouporder = ascending;
  rowaxis type = log;

ods rtf close;

goptions reset = all;


Any help will be much appreciated. If I was using a by statement then I would have used the byval variables to add the page numbers.


Thank you.



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Re: Pagination with SGPanel

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The PAGEOF function was specifically created for page numbering in the RTF pages. However, if you think that page numbering in SGPANEL would be a useful feature, you could send a suggestion to Technical Support.


One question that I have about this feature is the interaction between the BY statement and the PANELBY statement. Since pagination can occur within a BY group, should the page number reset for every BY-group iteration, or should the page numbers be unique across all BY-groups?



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Re: Pagination with SGPanel

Thank you for the Response Dan. I do think it is useful for SGPANEL and I will send a suggestion to Technical Support.


Great question, I can see an argument for both sides. For the reports that I mainly do for work though, they probably would want the page numbers to all be unique.


Thank you!



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