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PROC SGPLOT: quarter max value for XAXIS

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PROC SGPLOT: quarter max value for XAXIS

My PROC SGPLOT  produces a weird gap on the right. I tried to set MAX value but it does not work.My year quarter has YYQn6. format and the maximum value in my data is 20164( quarter 4 2016). I tried MAX option  but it does not work

Here is my code:

proc sgplot data= input;
	series x=yearquarter y=series1/lineattrs=(color=red pattern = solid) legendlabel= "Small firms";
	series x=yearquarter y=series2/lineattrs=(color=blue pattern = thindot) legendlabel= "Medium firms";
	series x=yearquarter y=series3/lineattrs=(color=black pattern = longdash) legendlabel= "Big firms";
	series x=yearquarter y=liq_mean/lineattrs=(color=green pattern=dash thickness= 3) legendlabel= "All firms";
	YAXIS LABEL = "metric";
	XAXIS LABEL = 'Year' MAX='20DEC2014'D;

Here is what the graph looks like. the max value on the x-axis is 2020 but in the data, it is 2016



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Re: PROC SGPLOT: quarter max value for XAXIS

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Have you tried specifying a time interval? Specifically Quarter. 


If SAS overrides the max value it usually leaves a note in the log, was there any messages in your log?


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Re: PROC SGPLOT: quarter max value for XAXIS

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yes there is a note:

NOTE: The column format YYQN6 is replaced by an auto-generated format on the axis.

so I specified it to be quarter and that problem solved but they displayed all quarter labels on the xaxis which makes it look ugly.


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