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ODS with incorporated pictures.

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ODS with incorporated pictures.

I have a list of observations each which has an image (e.g., the
picture of the person). I have a variable in the sasdata that saves
the hyperlink to the pictures. Is there a way that after I select the persons
based on their other information, I can print the ones selected along with
their pictures? The output would sort of be like

[picture of person 1] other information about person 1

[picture of person 2] other information about person 2...

I think this can be done but I am not sure where to start. Any recommendation on the right direction to go would be appreciated.
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Re: ODS with incorporated pictures.

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Start out with searching the SAS support website - there are many conference papers and SAS-sponsored papers explaining how to ODS facilities to generate enhanced documents with hyperlinks and their imbedded images displayed.

Also, consider the SAS Discussion Forum archives, as well.

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Recommended Google advanced search argument, this topic/post:

ods table print picture hyperlink
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Re: ODS with incorporated pictures.

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There are some examples of embedding images in table cells in this paper on PROC REPORT:

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