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ODS OO Feature: problem with the alignment of tables

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ODS OO Feature: problem with the alignment of tables

Hi there,

I write a program in ODS Data Step Object and have problems with the alignment of some tables.
I create a pdf with ODS the pdf contains a graphic (created with sgrender) and some tables. For creating the tables I use the ODS OO feature.

The presentation of the tables is everytime different, mostly the region03 (Table Auswahlkriterium) is displaced to right and the region05 (table Risiko) is correct or the region region03 is correct and region05 is slidded downward and in the middle. Additional the table Performance in region04 is double existing in the pdf but not in the program.

The behavior is repeatable with SAS Base 9.2 (TS2M3), Enterprise Guide 4.2, and 4.3 with the same data and parameters.

Has anybody seen this behavior and has a resolution? How can I debug the process in ODS?

Thanks for your assistance and approachs in advance.

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Re: ODS OO Feature: problem with the alignment of tables

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It was my understanding that the ODS Data Step Object was still "pre-production" -- so you might find you get the best help with this question by opening a track with Tech Support. If there is an issue in SAS 9.2M3, they have the resources to test the Data Step object and involve the appropriate developers to determine whether you have discovered a bug or whether this is something that was not "cooked" in the pre-production release.

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