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NO Border

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NO Border

Good morning

The border is so big around my graph, can it be shrunk or eliminated?

Fred Or perhaps change the size of the graph

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Re: NO Border

Check the DOC, also suggest searching the forum archives as well as the Support website.

How about GOPTIONS setting NOBORDER to start. Also, look at options XPIXELS and YPIXELS.

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gchart no border

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Re: NO Border

Describe what you mean by 'border', and also what proc you're using, and what kind of output (such as "ods html"), and what ods style you're using.

For example, ods style=d3d has a very thick border, whereas style=minimal will have a much thinner border.

Also, if you're using "proc greplay" to place multiple graphs on a page, the color= in the greplay template will draw borders around the plots.
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Re: NO Border

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I was able to use the xpixel = 950 in the goptions to widen the graph.

Thanks everyone
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