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Multiple Comparisons

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Multiple Comparisons

 I have the following data set which has INCL, slope, and CLnr/CLr values.  I found code to compare slopes or CLnr/CLr between the different INCL classes.  My question is can one compare both slope and CLnr/CLr values simultaneously between the INCL classes?

The post was altered due to invalid HTLM but all of the slopes and CLnr/CLr values should be in the same columns.

INCLDrugSlope Slope CLnr/CLrCLnr/CLr
CIDofAztreonam1.43 0.724
CIDofCarumonam1.14 0.265
CIDofCefepime 1.04 0.176
CIDofCefetamet1.22 0.25
CIDofCeftazidime1.17 0.351
CIDofCidofovir 1.1 0.176
CIDofCiprofloxacin1.06 0.639
CIDofMeropenem1.06 0.316
CIDofMetoclopramide3.43 3.76
CIDofTiotropium1.7 0.932
NOCIDofAztreonam1.43 0.724
NOCIDofCarumonam1.14 0.265
NOCIDofCefepime 1.04 0.176
NOCIDofCefetamet1.22 0.25
NOCIDofCeftazidime1.17 0.351
NOCIDofCiprofloxacin1.06 0.639
NOCIDofMeropenem1.06 0.316
NOCIDofMetoclopramide3.43 3.76
NOCIDofTiotropium1.7 0.932
NOCIDCIPRAztreonam1.43 0.724
NOCIDCIPRCarumonam1.14 0.265
NOCIDCIPRCefepime 1.04 0.176
NOCIDCIPRCefetamet1.22 0.25
NOCIDCIPRCeftazidime1.17 0.351
NOCIDCIPRMeropenem1.06 0.316
NOCIDCIPRMetoclopramide3.43 3.76
NOCIDCIPRTiotropium1.7 0.932
NOCIPROAztreonam1.43 0.724
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Re: Multiple Comparisons

Try posting example data using these instructions:


That creates data step code that you can post here or attach as a text file. Then you need not worry about malformed copy/paste operations and then users here can easily create a SAS data set to test code against. As it is, if I wan'ted to do attempt some code I would have to 1) fix your layout issues 2) write a data step (with the possibility of variable types not matching in more complex cases)


What type of comparisons do you want to do?

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Re: Multiple Comparisons

The reply was helpful.

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Re: Multiple Comparisons

Is this the kind of comparison you want?




proc sgpanel data=drugtest;
panelby incl / onepanel novarname;
series x=drug y=slope;
series x=drug y=CLnr;
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Re: Multiple Comparisons

Yes this would work quite well.



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