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Map Chart issue

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Map Chart issue

Has anybody run into this issue when trying to access Map Chart within EG?  Tasks > Graph > Map Chart

Note how all of the text shows up as boxes or squares.......very strange.  I've tried exiting EG, restarting my computer and re-opening EG but it does not fix the issue.


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Re: Map Chart issue

Has this installation worked before, and is just now showing the problem?  Or has it never worked in this install?

I've seen a similar thing happen in DMS SAS, when the SAS session is running on Unix, and displaying on an X-Server on a PC, and the X-server didn't have the fonts that the SAS session needed.  In my case I was using the Hummingbird Exceed X-Server (using fonts being served by a central machine), and I went through the Hummingbird menus and did something about "reload the font server" (if I recall correctly - it was many years ago).

Might depend on whether it's running on Windows and/or Unix, what version of SAS you have, what version of EG you're using, etc.

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Re: Map Chart issue

Thanks for the response Robert.

This installation has worked before, and is just now showing the problem.

It's running on Windows XP and Unix.  I'm using EG 4.3 (

I've escalated the issue to SAS technical support, so we'll see what they come up with.  I was just hoping that this had happened to somebody else and was a simple fix.

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