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Map Chart issue

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Map Chart issue

Has anybody run into this issue when trying to access Map Chart within EG?  Tasks > Graph > Map Chart

Note how all of the text shows up as boxes or squares.......very strange.  I've tried exiting EG, restarting my computer and re-opening EG but it does not fix the issue.


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Re: Map Chart issue

Has this installation worked before, and is just now showing the problem?  Or has it never worked in this install?

I've seen a similar thing happen in DMS SAS, when the SAS session is running on Unix, and displaying on an X-Server on a PC, and the X-server didn't have the fonts that the SAS session needed.  In my case I was using the Hummingbird Exceed X-Server (using fonts being served by a central machine), and I went through the Hummingbird menus and did something about "reload the font server" (if I recall correctly - it was many years ago).

Might depend on whether it's running on Windows and/or Unix, what version of SAS you have, what version of EG you're using, etc.

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Re: Map Chart issue

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Thanks for the response Robert.

This installation has worked before, and is just now showing the problem.

It's running on Windows XP and Unix.  I'm using EG 4.3 (

I've escalated the issue to SAS technical support, so we'll see what they come up with.  I was just hoping that this had happened to somebody else and was a simple fix.

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