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Linking Charts

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Linking Charts

Hi All,

I am trying to do some data mining using graphs (sort of).

say i have c=a+b
and my graph is displaying "c" as a line plot. I want to be able to (for example) right click the graph and choose "a" or "b" and display line plots of those; or something along those lines.

Has anyone got any hints/ ideas/ code?

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Re: Linking Charts

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The only two ways I know of in SAS/Graph to provide multiple drilldown selections for each marker/bar/etc in a graph is to use some custom javascript, or use device=javameta.

Here's an example using javascript:

Here's an example using javameta:

But, although this is "possible" to do, I usually find that I can do what I need by using single drilldowns (which uses simpler code, and makes things simpler on the user of the graph).
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Re: Linking Charts

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thanks robert
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