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Linked micromaps in SAS

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Linked micromaps in SAS

I recently started reading an excellent book "Visualizing Data Patterns with Micromaps " by Carr and Pickle on visualizing geographical data linked to graphical plots. As an example, see below for an example of linked micromaps from their R package.

3-2-2015 7-52-44 PM.jpg

I tried replicating the above graph using SAS 9.3  sgplot and sgpanel. I have not been successful so far,

Below are my questions:

1, What SAS procedures show I use to create the time series and dot plots as shown above ?

2. How to create a legend like the one above ?

3. How to arrange maps/legends and plots as shown above ? Specifically procedures. I have tried using SAS proc greplay but have not been successful so far?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Linked micromaps in SAS

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If the map, labels, and two graphs need to line up nicely, I suggest using GTL.  With SAS 9.3, the map can only be an outline shape.  Some examples have been shown in Graphically Speaking blog.  With SAS 9.4M1, one can use the POLYGON plot to create filled and choro maps.

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Re: Linked micromaps in SAS

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@Sanjay,  I'm only aware of Polygon plot in sgplot, can you please let me know if I can use the same in the GTL/proc template. Graphically speaking blog is great, can you please point me to the examples that you are referring. Many Thanks

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