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Is it possible to embed SAS graphic output into an excel file?

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Is it possible to embed SAS graphic output into an excel file?


I have created a bar chart in an excel file report using the  MSOffice2k_x tagset.  The problem is that two files are created, one is the excel file which has a link to the second file which is a png file. The excel file links to the png and shows the image when you open it, but it isn't actually embedded in the excel file.  I'd like to be able to send the output into excel instead of a png (or any other type file). Is it not possible to do this?

What I eventually hope to end up with is going to be several report files with multiple tabs and graphs, so copy pasting each image in each file or emailing dozens of pngs to end users is not really an option. (And of course they want excel and not a PDF.)  I tried just using 'file=' on in my code instead of 'file=' and 'path=', and that did create one file, but the graph was super tiny (1 cm by 1 cm) and I couldn't made it any larger.

Thanks for any tips anyone has on this.

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Re: Is it possible to embed SAS graphic output into an excel file?


  For help with MSOFFICE2K_X destination output, you may want to work with Tech Support. It was my understanding that all HTML-based output (ODS HTML, ODS MSOFFICE2K, ODS MSOFFICE2K_X) were using graphics by rendering  the IMG tag that ODS puts in the HTML result file. This means that the PNG (or whatever format) image is external to the HTML file and is NOT embedded in Excel when Excel renders the file. The only destinations that truly embed images are PDF and RTF destinations.

  I cannot figure out what you mean by FILE= versus FILE= and PATH=. If you examine the HTML, using Notepad, you can find out how PATH= changes the file location used in the IMG tag.  Again, Tech Support can look at all your code and your data and help you figure out what is happening.


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