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Insert Image from File into ODS HTML Animated GIF

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Insert Image from File into ODS HTML Animated GIF

I'm trying to insert an image from a file location into an animated GIF I am creating using ODS HTML.  The output doesn't contain the image, but rather just the file path listed (i.e. "<img src=""Logo1.gif""></img>".  I suspect there may be some conflict using the device=gif option (which I need to create the GIF) and inserting the logo into the file, but I just wanted to confirm.  I appreciate any assistance that is provided.  Thanks!

filename odsout '.';

goptions device=gif xpixels=950 ypixels=600 hsize= vsize=;

options animduration=0.9 animloop=1 animoverlay=no animate=start center;

ods listing close;

ods html file='Month.html' path = odsout  style=htmlblue;

options nobyline;

title1 lspace=2 "Chart Title" height=8 font="thorndale amt/bold";

title2 color=red lspace=1.0 font="thorndale amt/bold" height=3 "#byval(date)";

footnote1 move=(5,5) color=cxd3e0e6 justify=l lspace=1.0 font="albany amt/bold" height=15 "#byval(variable)";

footnote2 j=r "<img src=""Logo1.gif""></img>";

<proc gmap code>



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Re: Insert Image from File into ODS HTML Animated GIF


Sorry I can't answer to your question but I have another one ... I hope you will help me.

In your code, how did you fix the path attached to odsout for your ods html output ?

Thanks good luck

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Re: Insert Image from File into ODS HTML Animated GIF

In the filename odsout '.' piece, you would change the '.' to whatever output file location you want to use, say C/my documents or something like that.  It somewhat depends on your environment, I use EG on a grid environment, so the only option I have is to use a SAS Server file location, I can't reference a local or network drive directly.

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