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How to place multiple graphs on one page

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How to place multiple graphs on one page

Hi Experts,

i need some help on how i can put multiple graphs on one page. I have some data in excel which i run updates on everyday. i would like to be able to upload the data into sas and run automatically to produce these multiple graphs for my manager. Can someone help me with the codes or templates.

attached is the sample of how i want the output.


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Re: How to place multiple graphs on one page

Multiple graphs on one page: use templates in PROC GREPLAY





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Re: How to place multiple graphs on one page

First question would be do you have the data as a SAS dataset or sets? That is going to be the first step.


Then do you know how to make any one graph given your data?


One minor recommendation at this stage is it appears you will be doing a lot of date manipulation and so you will want to make sure that your date variable(s) are SAS date values which is not always the case when bringing data to SAS from Excel.

The implication is that this is a periodic process. As such you likely do not want to rely on Proc Import for bringing the data into SAS as you may have issues with variables changing type from numeric to character and differing lengths of character variables.

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Re: How to place multiple graphs on one page

If you are using ODS Layout it can accomplish this very thing--in addition to mingling text and bulleted lists and images.


ODS Layout Introduction


An Insider's Guide to ODS Layout


I did find out that nesting gridded layouts isn't as stable as absolute and you also can't control borders as well with gridded.

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