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How to insert a Title or a Header for the second graph?

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How to insert a Title or a Header for the second graph?

Hi, I am using the below template to generate graph for my requirement, I want to insert a header to the second layout(PFA attached screenshot). Please help to Insert a text box or cell for providing a title Note: I used Entrytitle but it shows for the First graph(ie. for boxplot). Proc Template; define statgraph Tflboxplot/store=util.template;   notes "Template for boxplot";   dynamic _byline_;   begingraph /;       layout lattice / rowweights=(0.8 .01 .19);         layout overlay / xaxisopts=(display=(LINE TICKVALUES TICKS LABEL) griddisplay=OFF) yaxisopts=(display=(LINE             TICKVALUES TICKS LABEL) griddisplay=OFF);             BoxPlot X=SEX1C Y=STNDBP1N / name="boxplot" group=TRTREG1C GROUPDISPLAY=CLUSTER display=(CAPS FILL MEAN               MEDIAN OUTLIERS connect) connect=MEAN DATALABEL=OUTLIER_LABLE INCLUDEMISSINGGROUP=1 LABELFAR=0 CAPSHAPE=               LINE DATATRANSPARENCY=0 GROUPORDER=DATA BOXWIDTH=0.6 CLUSTERWIDTH=0.85 intervalboxwidth=AUTO;             discretelegend "boxplot" / title="Treatment " location=OUTSIDE border=ON;         endlayout;         layout overlay / xaxisopts=(display=(LINE) griddisplay=OFF) yaxisopts=(offsetmin=0.10 offsetmax=0.10 display=(             LINE TICKVALUES) griddisplay=OFF);             scatterplot x=SEX1C y=TRTREG1C / name="boxplot_" DATALABEL=N INCLUDEMISSINGGROUP=1 DATATRANSPARENCY=0               GROUPORDER=DATA CLUSTERWIDTH=0.85 DATALABELPOSITION=LEFT MARKERATTRS=(size=0);         endlayout;       endlayout;   endgraph; end; Run;

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Re: How to insert a Title or a Header for the second graph?

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You have provided 3 row weights (0.8 0.01 0.19), but only two Layout Overlay blocks.  If you want a label between the Box Plot and the Table of values, add another LAYOUT OVERLAY - ENDLAYOUT block in the middle with an ENTRY statement of the label you want.  You may need to provide a row weight > 0.01.

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