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How to get rid of WARNING message?

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How to get rid of WARNING message?

I am using PROC GPLOT with the following LEGEND statement:






     position=(top center outside)

     down=1 shape=line(15)

     value=("3001" "3002" "3003" "3004" "3005");

I get the following WARNING in my log:

     "WARNING: Because SHAPE=LINE(n) was specified, some of the shapes in the legend might be blank."

This is more than curious to me as the SAS help file states (bold italics are mine):

SHAPE=BAR(width<units>,height<units>) <units> | LINE(length) <units> | SYMBOL(width<units>,height<units>) <units> 

     LINE(length) <units>

          is used with the GPLOT and GCONTOUR procedures. Each legend value is a line of the length that you specify. Plotting symbols are omitted           from the legend values. By default, length is 5 and units are CELLS. You can specify units for length.

So, since the expected, default behavior is for the plotting symbols/shapes to be omitted -- there is no "might" about it, my symbols are blank and I am quite happy about that -- why am I receiving this warning? At my company we try to remove all Warnings and Errors (as well as certain Notes) from our logs as a matter of routine. Does anyone know what is going on here and how I may be able to remove this Warning?

Thank you,


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