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How do I costumize a single tick mark?

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How do I costumize a single tick mark?

Hi there, 


I'm struggeling to costumize my box plot. I would like the tick mark values "ADHD only" and "ADHD and.." to be bold - not the rest. I would also like the tick mark value "ADHD and.." to be left justify (like a title) and to remove the actual tick for this value. 


So far I have the code: 


proc template;

    define statgraph confidence_V;


            entrytitle 'Interaction analysis for ADHD and comorbid psychiatric disorders';

discreteattrmap name='colors' / ignorecase=true;

                 value "2" /;

                 value "1" / fillattrs=(color=VIYPK) lineattrs=(color=black);

                 value "0" / fillattrs=(color=LIGRBR) lineattrs=(color=black);


discreteattrvar attrvar=unitcolor var=colour attrmap='colors';

layout overlay / yaxisopts=(offsetmin=0 labelposition=top griddisplay=off label=' ' reverse=true) xaxisopts=(griddisplay=on label='IRR');

barchartparm x=ICD y=rate_ratio /












proc sgrender data=figur8 template=confidence_V;

format=ICD diag.;




And I get the attached result. 


I am using version 9.4 TS1M2.


Thank you for any clue!




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Re: How do I costumize a single tick mark?

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You can overly graphs one on top of the other, so my first thought was why not, overly a second graph which only has the two points in question, but with tick marks bolded, and set the size of marks to 0, i.e. so only the axis shows and overlays what you have, with the two ticks bolded.


Another idea to is plot a 2 point graph over the top with the marks labelled as what you want bolded, rather than setting them on the axis.


You can find a lot of information here:


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