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Graphs in SAS

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Graphs in SAS



What is the difference between SAS/Graph and ODS Graphics?.


Please help me with an example.



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Re: Graphs in SAS

Read the manual on these for a full explanation.  SAS/Graph is the technology used in older SAS versions to produce graphics.  The enhanced procedures, for example SGPLOT, are linked in the with underlying Graph Template Language which SAS 9/x and going forward will use.  What SGPLOT for instance does is create template code behind the scenes.  Its very flexible.

For examples of Grphas and what GTL/Sgplot can do, just pop over to this excellent blog:

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Re: Graphs in SAS

For a visual introduction to the types of graphs that can be produced in SAS, as well as the code that produces them, see the examples in the SAS Graphics Gallery.


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