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Can someone show me how to adjust the y-axis please. I am new to SAS and just couldn't figure out how to adjust the scale. I want the y-axis to go from 3 to 10. I used vaxis=3 to 10 by 1 but still doesn't work. Tried a bunch of other things but doesn't work. Comes out like that.

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Re: Graph

Please tell us what PROC in SAS you are using. Also, show us your code.

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Re: Graph

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PROC gplot data = g1;
title 'Blood Glucose Level after 10 A.M Meal';
plot gl*x = subject/
haxis=-1 to 27 by 2
vaxis=3.00 to 10.00 by 1;


The horizontal axis is adjust everytime I make an adjust to it but the vertical axis doesn't change at all.

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Re: Graph

Can you switch to SGPLOT? It's easier to use than GPLOT in my experience, the syntax is more user friendly and you get better quality graphs.

proc sgplot data=g1;
title 'Blood Glucose Level after 10 am Meal';
scatter x=x y=gl / group = subject;

yaxis values = (-1 to 27 by 2);
xaxis values = (3 to 10 by 1);

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