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Gplot Output in PowerPoint

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Gplot Output in PowerPoint

Which device (eg activex, java, etc) and options (eg what's the best way to control the size of the image) should I use with gplot to get a clear image in MS PowerPoint?
Any methodology that anyone can recommend would be appreciated.
I'm currently using SAS 9.1
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Re: Gplot Output in PowerPoint

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The documentation on the use of device-based graphics:

recommends the CGMOF97L device. I have also had good luck with the ACTXIMG device, which creates a PNG file. The GIF and JPG devices might also suffice. In addition, I know some students who use ODS RTF to create their output and then cut and paste the image from Word into PowerPoint -- which works for onesies and twosies, but not for a lot for graph images. (They claimed the image was subjectively "better" using this technique, but I didn't see a big difference.)

For information about controlling image size, look in the documentation under GOPTIONS. Each device has a default size and aspect ratio. You can start with HSIZE and VSIZE GOPTIONS to alter the size:

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Re: Gplot Output in PowerPoint

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I have used GIF733 with success using the following setup.

filename grafout "&chart_filename";
goptions reset=all device=GIF733 gunit=pct ftitle=swissl htitle=5 ftext=swissl htext=3
hsize=18cm vsize=13.5cm display
gsfmode=replace gsfname=grafout; /* cback=&uss_background; */

Enter graphics clde here.

filename grafout clear;
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