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Goptions statement and proc Gtile

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Goptions statement and proc Gtile

ods _all_ close;
4877 goptions device=activex;

ERROR 180-322: Statement is not valid or it is used out of proper order.

4878 ods html path=odsout file='shoe_sales.html';
NOTE: Writing HTML Body file: shoe_sales.html
4879 proc gtile;
ERROR: Procedure GTILE not found.
4880 tile stores tileby=(region subsidiary)
WARNING 14-169: Assuming the symbol TITLE was misspelled as tile.
4881 / colorvar=sales ;
4882 run;


Please help

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Re: Goptions statement and proc Gtile

It looks like you may not have SAS/Graph licensed. Run this code:

Proc Setinit; run;


The log will have a listing licensed products. If you do not see SAS/Graph that is the issue.

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Re: Goptions statement and proc Gtile

I have it installed and also i can see it by running that code 

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