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Getting around nozerobars in SAS 9.3

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Getting around nozerobars in SAS 9.3



Unfortunately I still have to use SAS 9.3 but I need to make a plot with PROC SGPANEL and I need to use the NOZEROBARS option. It is only avaliable for SAS 9.4. Man Frustrated 

Is there a way to get the same results in SAS 9.3? 


Thanks in advance! 



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Re: Getting around nozerobars in SAS 9.3

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If you could 1) show what type of graph you are attempting and 2) some example data you may have a lot better chance on getting a solution.


Depending on what's going on I might try setting at thicker axis line, effectively "hiding" the zero height bar. Or pre-summarizing the data to identify those X axis value cases and set an attribute data set for the border/fill that are 100% transparent.


Or possibly delve into GTL

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