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GBARLINE values for the line

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GBARLINE values for the line


when using proc gbarline to create a bar-line diagram is there any way to show the sum of the bars as well as the sum of the line values in the diagram? I know that you can use ouside=sum or inside=sum to write the values of the bar, but we would like to show the values of the vaiable shown as a line in the same diagram as well.

Thanks for your held.
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GBARLINE values for the line

I know this question has been sitting around a while - better late than never! :-)

I've run into the same limitation - currently, I do not think there is a way to do this with gbarline.

There is a request (S0175859) to have gbarline support the 'pointlabel' option on the symbol statement.

And also a request (S0293117) to have gbarline support 'annotate' on the plot line.

But neither of these are available as of the 9.3 release.

Perhaps somebody knows of a work-around with proc sgplot(?)

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GBARLINE values for the line

Although not as straight forward as GBARLINE it is possible to obtain some of the same functionality with GPLOT and annotate.

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GBARLINE values for the line

Or even without annotate ... but there are tradeoffs & limitations Smiley Happy

axis1 label=(angle=90);

axis2 label=(angle=90);

axis3 value=(angle=90) minor=none;

symbol1 value=none interpol=needle width=7 color=blue

pointlabel=(color=blue position=top height=1.5pct);

symbol2 value=dot interpol=join color=red

pointlabel=(color=red height=1.5pct);

proc gplot data=sashelp.tourism;

format vsp cpisp comma5.1;

plot vsp*year=1 / vaxis=axis1 haxis=axis3;

plot2 cpisp*year=2 / vaxis=axis2;


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GBARLINE values for the line

This SGPLOT code should give you the equivalent result of GBARLINE with data labels on both charts:

proc sgplot data=sashelp.class;

y2axis min=0;

vbar age / response=height datalabel;

vline age / response=weight y2axis datalabel;



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