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Exporting SAS scatterplot into Excel

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Exporting SAS scatterplot into Excel

I would like to export my scatterplot generated by SAS into excel. I have read through previous threads and I am still lost on how to do this.

proc gplot data=scatterplot;

plot F*V =S;


My data is grouped data, similar to this: SAS/GRAPH(R) 9.2: Statistical Graphics Procedures Guide, Second Edition

Is there a way to add a line of best fit for each group, one line for Male, and line for Female?

Thanks so much!

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Re: Exporting SAS scatterplot into Excel

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I've used sgplot to do this, may be helpful for the desired results.

proc sgplot data=scatterplot;

  reg x=F y=V /LINEATTRS=solid group=s;


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Re: Exporting SAS scatterplot into Excel

would use the SG proceduers see:  ODS Statistical Graphics.   What has happened is a silent move of functionality.
"In SAS 9.2, SAS/GRAPH software is required for ODS Graphics functionality. With SAS 9.3, all ODS Graphics capabilities moved to Base SAS."

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