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Excel 2010 version "Excel Found Unredable Content in ......XLSX"

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Excel 2010 version "Excel Found Unredable Content in ......XLSX"

From SAS when we run the proc export procedure to export the data into MS-Excel 2010 version i.,e XLSX extension the spreadsheet created successfully.
When I try to open the spread sheet its throwing me the pop-up like ‘’ "Excel Found Unredable Contents '..........xlsx' do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this work book click 'yes'”

Even though if u click yes the data will not be there in the spreadsheet.
SAS version is 9.3
SAS Procedure used to export the data:
Proc export dbms=xlsx
Data=a outfile ‘ b.xlsx’ replace

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Re: Excel 2010 version "Excel Found Unredable Content in ......XLSX"

The answer is dependent upon which version of sas you are using, which operating system you're on, and whether you license SAS/Access for pc file formats.

I don't think dbms=xlsx is valid.  try it with dbms=excel

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Re: Excel 2010 version "Excel Found Unredable Content in ......XLSX"

SAS Import Wizard is not that reliable, even when converting an .xlsx to .xls (93-2000 version). For example, columns with mixed types are often improporely read into SAS, such that missing data occurs. Consider a column with a majority of 3 digit numeric values and a small number of values having leading zeros. Those latter values are missed by the Import Wizard and converted to missing values (null).

Even changing the INFORMAT while in the Wizard does not always work and the blanks occur. (E.g. try this with ICD-9 or DRG codes.)

I get consistent and accurate imported products with the fewest problems when I first convert the native Excel file to a .csv file. Next. I'll import the .csv file into SAS.  .csv files import quite easily if you are using R.

I hope this is a viable option for you.

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