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Error Message on Telesales.Htm Dashboard

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Error Message on Telesales.Htm Dashboard

Hi all,

I have just downloaded Telesales.Html Dashboard and running the script on SAS Devloper 9.1 at the moment. However, it came up with an error message that says

ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access c:\windows\system32\telesalesDash.htm

Just wondering if anyone know whats that suppose to means?

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Re: Error Message on Telesales.Htm Dashboard

Do you mean you are running the program listed in this Tech Support note, when you say you are running the "script"???

The download is for the program and if you look at the full code tab, it creates the HTML files in your working directory using this FILENAME statement:
filename odsout '.';

It seems odd, that your working directory is set to c:\windows\system32, but if you change the FILENAME statement to:
filename odsout 'c:\temp';

(or some other location where you have authorization), then you should be able to run the program and access the results.

Note that the Tech Support full code tab also shows 2 different versions of the program...a stored process version and a webDAV portlet version.

If you continue to have issues with this program and generating results, you may wish to open a track with SAS Tech Support.

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