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Custom radar chart using annotate

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Custom radar chart using annotate

A customer wants to use a radar chart with a fixed axis. I know that radar charts are "bad" but can't convice the customer to select another graph type.

We're using 9.2 which doesn't support the order option, so the fixed axis is impossible. The only solution in SAS would be to draw the whole thing with annotate. Has anyone ever done this before? If so, do you still have the code?

I suspect we would have to use SIN en COS.

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Re: Custom radar chart using annotate

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I've never annotated a radar chart per-say, but here are some examples of annotated circular charts that might help you with using the geometry in SAS annotate and such...

Hopefully you'll get to upgrade to 9.3 soon, where
you can control the radar axes:

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Re: Custom radar chart using annotate

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Yes, I tried the migration to 9.3 idea but they don't want to go for it. Apparently it's comparable to the 9.1.3 to 9.2 migration and they think it's too dangerous to do it at this time.

It looks like the windrose comes really close to what we need. So thank you Robert, you saved us a lot of trouble.

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