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Creating a US Map That Contains the Territories

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Creating a US Map That Contains the Territories


I need to create a US map that contains all of its territories.  I'm currently using SAS 9.3.  The US map dataset provided with 9.3 only contains Puerto Rico.  I've tried using the North American map and only keeping the countries that I need.  The problem with this approach  is that the state boundaries are not outlined on the map.  I've tried to create my own map dataset by retrieving, for example, the Virgin Islands coordinates from the North American dataset and merging it with the US map dataset.  Although VI was added to the map, it was placed on top of CA and it was very tiny.  I think the X and Y coordinates need to be adjusted, but I'm not sure how to do that.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Creating a US Map That Contains the Territories

41776 - Create a map with colors defined from a color ramp shows an example with moving Alaska and Hawaii to show near continental US. That may give you some pointers.

The Virgin Islands are small, Guam and the other protectorates not much bigger.

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Re: Creating a US Map That Contains the Territories

Are you using 9.3m2, by any chance?  If so, you can use MAPSGFK.US_ALL.  It contains ALL of the parts of the US including the Virgin Islands.  Look to see if the library MAPSGFK exists and contains this data set. (MAPSGFK is the way to go in the future.  MAPS is being eliminated in the future and is not being updated.)

If not, you need to combine the data sets using the UNprojected data and combine the UNprojected data into it.

Look at Proc Contents for the various data sets in MAPS to see if they are unprojected.  For example, you can use the data sets COUNTIES, STATES or NAMERICA.

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